My name is Anna Anderson LMT

 I have lived in Astoria OR, for almost 7 years now, recently became a mother, and I have fallen in love with people, culture, even the hills. Originally from Eureka CA, so I'm used to the rain and love it.  I commuted from Astoria to Portland to attended East & West College of the Healing Arts where I graduated with distinction on December 23rd 2016. The 800hr program far exceeds Oregon guidelines giving me 188 hours more practical experience than the state requires



   NOW ACCEPTING MASSAGE FRIENDLY INSURANCE                                                   

MAJOR Medical massage is specific to clients Who have received mental and/or physical trauma related to but not limited to

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT: charges are 200$ per medical massage session.

WORKERS COMP. : charges are 200$ per medical massage 

PERSONAL HEALTH INSURANCE : Varies in prices depending on your insurance benefits. My best suggestion is to call your own insurance and ask them what is your particular massage benefits can be. Then contact me with the answer and I will take care of the rest.

As a medical massage client you will have a specific health plan to help you recover and work on being pain free. You will also receive complimentary oils and tools to help improve your mental and physical trauma as needed, as well as top priority for getting in for a session(s). I also will be in contact personally with the provided insurance. I will be faxing them progressive soap notes of your improved health, as well as dealing with any disputes so then you can focus on your personal recovery.

Medical massage is a mentally and physically intense session for the massage therapist that includes Many modalities such as but not limited to:

  • trigger point therapy 
  • Myofacial release therapy 
  • Mixed deep and swedish concentrate 
  • Kinesiology taping 
  • Deep structural and sports massage 
  • PRI
  • Therapy Dog
  • Stretching etc.... 



Your Choice Massage     STARTING AT      60 min = 70$     90min = 95$ 

 Swedish Massage:  a beautiful relaxing  flowing modality that helps lower blood pressure.

Deep tissue:  Targets and releases tight muscles 

Certified prenatal:  A specific affective massage for any stage of pregnancy. keeps the mama and baby happy and brings in both even closer together.

 In-home visits. Prices vary depending on location. Please call to schedule. 

 Corporate chair massage. To help provide relief, energy, as well as to enhance  brain activity to employees, and for many businesses who are trying to boost morale in their companies. Prices may very depending on location please call to schedule.

Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage = 40$

Enjoy focus work on the head neck and shoulders with your choice of therapeutic pressure. Ending with a scalp massage and complementary aromatherapy

Foot Soak, Scrub, Massage = 50$

Enjoy a nice relaxing foot massage followed by a coconut oil infused Epson salt scrub ending with a nice relaxing foot soak while enjoying complementary herbal tea looking over the Columbia River.

       Add on’s & Package’s 

*Hot stones = 10$        

*Essentials oils = 10$

*Ask about the seasonal homemade salt scrubs and essentials oil roller = 7$ each

*Therapy dog is always included if the client wishes. Lola’s and Teddy’s mission is to help provide the client to feel comforted, safe, happy, and relaxed. Lola, Teddy and I are specially trained to Massage  traumatized, abused, and PTSD clients.

BRIDAL PACKAGES( you don’t have to be a bride to enjoy)

  75 min  = 105$

Starting with a relaxing 60 min massage, includes complimentary aromatherapy, hot stones and essentials oils. Then enjoy sipping on your choice of different herbal teas while looking over the Columbia river as I give you a choice to take home complimentary salt scrubs AND roll on essentials oils by du Terra. 


75 MIN = 105$

Starting with a relaxing 60 min massage, includes complimentary aromatherapy, hot stones, essentials oils, and an additional 5 min scalp massage. Then enjoy sipping on your choice of different herbal teas while looking over the Columbia river as I give you a choice to take home complimentary roll on essentials oils by du Terra.



   90  MIN  =  150$     


   This package is perfect for major medical and minor medical massage

 A combination of Gua  Sha  Healing wrap followed by full body massage.

Starting with Gua Sha scrapping techniques on your effected areas with, this will help break up scar tissue and increase circulation which then I will apply a generous amount of arnica oil, and other essential oils. Arnica is a beautiful medical used oil to help decrease inflammation thus decreases pain allowing your muscle to relax and finally release. I will then start wrapping you body in a warm heated blanket,then apply a heavy stress relieving blanket to allow the Arnica to seep swiftly into your pores. Once soaked in well I will start unwrapping and continue the full body massage.                                                        



I quickly realized that massage therapy is truly my calling. I'm very passionate, and excited. I want to learn so much more, even though I just got done with school I'm already taking more classes.  To me the body is a giant beautiful intricate puzzle. Each muscle is a unique piece that effects the other pieces, if one doesn't fit it causes the other pieces not to fit, to look and feel out of place. My job is to be patient to find each perfect spot to create a beautiful balanced picture.  My goal is to provide a positive healing touch. In an uncertain, chaotic world, we can all use some relief.  I'm very passionate and look forward to working with all my clients to build a more balanced and positive future for myself and my clients.

NOTE! If you dont see a day that you want , please call me and I can MAKE POTENTIAL accomodation!!!


Name: Michelle La Rock, LMP Email:

  I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for nine years. Anna is amazing. Experience brings wisdom of course but some people were born to do this and she's one of them. She's therapeutic enough to get the work done but gentle enough to still relax you and that's a skill that is very hard to master and she's already got it down. I've even acquired some of her techniques to my own practice. Probably one of my favorite therapists I've ever had. I can see her being a leader in the industry one day she's got the goods.

Name: LYDIA Email:

 I have had one appointment with her and have already booked my second one. She does a great job and is very professional. I recommend her to others.

Name Thor Anderson

she really can get in there and release all my stressful areas.she definitly is strong but also listens to my body and softens her touch then reminds me to breath. I bring ALL my fishing crew to her.

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1 12th St, suite 10 Astoria, Oregon 97103, United States

(707) 616-2606


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